The name of the organisation shall be Potterhanworth Community Project Group (referred to in this document as PCPG).



The objective of PCPG shall be to promote the formation of a community village shop and other amenities/facilities.



The PCPG shall be managed by a Steering Committee, comprising those members of the PCPG who wish to devote time to achieving the objective of the organisation.


The PCPG shall elect the following key officers:

  • Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer     


PCPG shall take all actions consistent with law to further the objects of the Group.

PCPG shall set up a proper vehicle to establish and run the management of a village shop.



PCPG shall have the authority to raise funds to further its objective and shall  apply those funds solely for this purpose. A record of all sums received shall be maintained.


PCPG shall have the authority to open and run a bank account and shall authorise a member or members of the Steering Committee to operate the account on their behalf.


Should PCPG be dissolved without a community shop being formed, all remaining funds shall be returned to those who gave the money or to a local charity.


No payment shall be made to a member of the Steering Committee except to reimburse approved expenses (for which a receipt shall be required) incurred in the work of the PCPG.



The quorum for meetings of the Steering Committee shall be one third of the members of the committee.



PCPG shall be dissolved on the following grounds:

  • The formation of a proper legal vehicle to run and manage a village shop
  • Two thirds of the members of the Steering Committee agreeing to dissolve the PCPG
  • The Steering Committee failing to meet for a period of 6 weeks

Legal notice

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