Village Shop Questionnaire

Feedback – March 2015


Thank you to all those who completed a Village Shop Questionnaire. In total we had 117 completed responses. (We did our best to collect all the completed questionnaires. If we missed you, your questionnaire can still be handed in at Bluebells.)


In addition, 8 questionnaires were returned uncompleted and 3 letters were received from villagers raising valid concerns about the Barff Road site location for the Village Shop/Coffee Shop. The overall response was very positive, with over 80% of respondents thinking a Village Shop was important for Potterhanworth.


Some very helpful information was provided in the responses regarding the likely times when the Shop would be in most demand; for example, throughout the week and Saturdays between 8am and 6pm. The most popular regular items to carry as stock, in no particular order, were newspapers, dairy products, cards & stationary, bakery, sweets and delicatessen products. There was also a healthy interest in fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade produce, local produce and fresh meat. It would be our intention to source as much as possible locally.


Although not in the questionnaire, there was an interest and concern expressed in providing alcohol sales – seeking a licence for alcohol sales is not in our plans. Always a favourite is the requirement for Village Post Office services, with an Advertisement board and Dry Cleaning services also proving popular.


There were also many comments in the final question:  ‘What would a Village Shop in Potterhanworth mean to you?’ - see the Comments page. Overwhelmingly, the comments talked about a Shop/Coffee Shop as being the heart of the Village, where people may not only buy their top-up groceries and items of convenience, but also a place to meet fellow villagers – somewhere that would make life a little easier, particularly for those without transport.


We are not entirely convinced a Village Shop/Coffee Shop would initially be commercially viable, although that is the long-term objective. In the short to medium term, with the tremendous support from the village, the enthusiasm of the volunteers , the fundraising events and the striving towards achieving the sense of community, we will get there.


Following feedback from villagers regarding the potential site on Barff Road, we are now fully reviewing the potential location for the Shop/Coffee Shop, and are wide open to other offers of land, premises or ideas regarding potential site locations.

Volunteers for the Bluebells Coffee Shop are always welcome. Please come along to the fundraising events we organise – see the Forthcoming Events page. We intend to hold an AGM in March/ April to engage further with villagers.


The full results from the questionnaires received to date are listed on the Responses page. Please have a look and let us know your further thoughts.


Many thanks

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